How to Utilize the Awkward Spaces in Your Home

Unless you designed your home, there are probably a few spaces where the layout and design just make you scratch your head and wonder what the builder was thinking. (And if you are the original builder, chances are the owners who follow you someday will do the same!).Beltmann Moving and Storage Nationwide Movers - Home improvements and organizing tips


Finding ways to fill and utilize those awkward spaces can be a challenge, but never fear! There’s a solution for those tight spots, strange alcoves, and slanted ceilings!


Behind the Door

Logistically, the space behind doors is tricky. Nothing too bulky can be housed there, but left completely unused, a room can feel bare when the door is closed. For this awkward space, try using nearly-flat decor solutions, like these ledges from Crate & Kids. Place a few rows of books or framed photos on the ledges, and then smile each time the door closes and you see your smartly stored items. Alternatively, the behind the door space in bedrooms would be the perfect spot to hang hooks for jewelry storage.



Space above Cabinets

Out of sight out of mind applies here, so bring the things you love out from the back of the pantry or the depths of storage and display them on that awkward space between the cabinets and your ceiling. Those beautiful mixing bowls? Up they go. Your cookbook collection taking up precious countertop space? Those can go, too! Open, pocket shelves like the ones below from This Old House are perfect if you’re wanting to add a bit more structure but still wish to see (and remember) your treasures.


Underneath the Stairs

That awkward space beneath the stairs doesn’t have to go unused—there’s actually a lot of hope for this spot! If you and your littles think of Harry Potter when you think of the space underneath the stairs, then you’re all but obligated to create a magical nook that’s just their size with comfy seating and books within their reach. If wizardry isn’t your cup of tea, utilize this space as more of a command center. Adding a desk can quickly give the spot underneath the stairs a purpose and make it easy on the eyes!