How to Properly Pack Clothing Before Relocating

Since clothes are personal items that every family member will need as soon as possible after you relocate, you’ll want to carefully plan how you pack them. Here are some tips that can help you properly prepare clothing before a reliable crew of Milwaukee movers transports your household belongings.


The first thing you should do is set aside the clothes you’ll need upon reaching your final destination. Be sure to fill a small duffel bag for each family member and choose apparel that’s seasonally appropriate. Don’t forget to have jackets and rain coats on hand in case of adverse weather conditions. You should then bundle clothes that likely won’t be needed during your travels, as these can go with the Milwaukee movers. There are probably plenty of outdated ensembles that can either be thrown away or donated to a discount clothing store (or perhaps to younger family members). Go ahead and purchase wardrobe boxes, suitcases and perhaps a collection of packing bags.

Save space

Since it goes without saying that you’ll want to save as much space as possible in the moving truck, you might want to use vacuum sealed bags for winter clothing and other items that are out of season. For clothes you want to hang from the closet, you’ll likely need wardrobe boxes, which can help prevent excessive wrinkling. You might want to place shoes and other light items at the bottom of these boxes to make sure the weight is balanced.


Be sure to label each box so you’ll know which family members these clothes belong to. You can use packing tape and permanent markers to do so. You should also make sure each box, bag or suitcase is properly sealed to ensure that nothing falls out of them while the moving company transports your personal valuables.