Homeowner 101: Home Improvement Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Who doesn’t want to save time, money, and free up some space in your brain for things that really matter? We found a tremendous list of home improvement hacks that are amazingly simple to execute, and you’ll wish you knew them sooner. We’ve included a few of our favorites here.


Use Rechargeable Batteries

This not only helps you, it’s also great for the environment and keeping things out of landfills. Though it costs a bit more at the beginning, in the end you’ll save time and money with a rechargeable option.


Use a rubber band for stripped screws

Stuck trying to remove a screw where the edges are stripped? Place a common rubber band on the end of the screwdriver (top of the screw) to help you gain some grip over the screw and finish the job.


Roll it away!

Using three pieces of large 4-inch ‘Schedule 40’ PVC pipe can make moving heavy objects a breeze. Using a crow bar, simply place two pipes underneath the large object, and then start rolling onto a third piece of pipe. Remove the back pipe and place in front; and repeat.


Pick your pocket — for storing skinny things

PVC pipe ends also can be helpful to store groups of narrow or skinny items such as paint brushes, pencils, paint stir sticks, X-Acto knives, etc. Saw off the pipe at a 45-degree angle, and then screw them into an anchoring board. You can then mount the board onto drywall or into a peg board.


Hammer time

Use a rubber chair leg cap (you can find one for around $1 at a hardware store) to make an instant rubber mallet. This becomes a handy tool when you want to hammer an item without damaging the wood or drywall around it.


Bobby pin for the win!

Next time you’re trying to start a small nail, try using a simple bobby pin to hold the nail in place until it’s started in the wood. Once it’s secure, remove the bobby pin, and hammer away!

Find more helpful hacks (and pictures of these suggestions) in this article.

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