Gratitude Activities for the Kids This November

November has been coined the month of gratitude as we count down the days until Thanksgiving. As parents, gratitude is something that we try to teach our kids year-around, but these activities can help us put a focus on making gratitude a part of our every day lives.


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Gratitude Jar

Consider having your kids make a gratitude jar – you can decorate it and place it on your kitchen counter as a reminder. Challenge your family to add things they are grateful for each day. On thanksgiving, you can read each note at the dinner table and reflect on the goodness of the month.

Gratitude Tree

This activity can serve has a beautiful center-piece and also constant reminder of your family’s blessings. Grab some small branches from outside and place them in a vase. Cut out small leaves with fall-colored construction paper. Have each family member write down what they are grateful for on the leaves. Pin each leaf onto a branch to make your gratitude tree.

The Gratitude Circle

Before bedtime, have each family member sit in a circle. Everyone go around and say what they are grateful for. The gratitude circle is an easy way to add some gratitude into your daily routine.

Thankful Walk

Take a walk each week and look for things that you’re grateful for. You can show your kids things that you appreciate just by taking a walk around the block.

Gratitude Book

Give each family member one page of scrapbook paper. You can go all out with glue, ribbon, embellishments, pictures and build out visuals for what you’re each grateful for on your dedicated page. The pages can then be made into a book – which is an excellent keepsake for your family. Share your book at thanksgiving and leave a blank page for others to add their own sentiments.

If you need other ideas, check out Pinterest and search for “kids gratitude activities.” You will have fun instilling this important quality into the lives of your children this year.