Five Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Things Safe During a Move

When you discover that you will soon be moving to a new apartment or home, you may find yourself beginning to look at all the items you own with some agitation – how are you going to get all of this safely from the old place to the new? Even if you are using a moving service such as a Milwaukee mover, chances are you will want to take a few quick steps to help keep your personal property safe.

  • Pack a small bag with all your essentials for at least 1-2 days. This way, once you have arrived and are exhausted from the move, you will not have to go hunting through boxes to find what you need.
  • Use fitted sheets as a protective cover for furniture, such as lamps, chairs, and even the mattress they were made to fit on. Sheets are hard to damage, easy to clean, and simple to replace if need be.
  • Wrap dishes and other breakable items in large, soft pieces of clothing. This will keep them from getting any nicks and scratches, but also saves you money on buying padding supplies.
  • Label your boxes thoroughly – include what’s in there, and what room it should be placed in on arrival. Consider color-coding for each separate room, for ease of correct delivery. Also, label all boxes on both sides, so that the information can still be seen when another box or item is stacked on top of it.
  • Make sure everything is properly (and completely) packed up before the arrival of helpful friends or hired movers, such as a Kansas City mover. This way you won’t lose track of things, and no one will have the opportunity to accidentally break something!