Falling into View: Your Fall Clean-up Checklist

Ah, September. Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and so is … a good cleaning?

Sure, traditional spring cleaning seems to get all the attention. But as the weather turns cooler and seasons change, fall is also a perfect time to get moving and brighten up your home’s interior and exterior.

Wondering how to do that? Here’s our fall clean-up checklist for you to work your way through in the days and weeks ahead:


In the Yard:

  • Trim your landscaping.
  • Remove any dying branches or tree limbs.
  • Plant perennial bulbs for spring flowers.
  • Close up the pool and store water-based toys.
  • Remove and store hoses and winterize any in-ground sprinklers.
  • Move your potted plants inside.
  • Seed and fertilize the grass in your yard.
  • Clean and cover patio furniture, outdoor grill, etc.
  • Consider staining a deck or adding sand to any pavers if you haven’t done so this year.
  • Remove seasonal décor and/or lighting fixtures that wouldn’t withstand snowy weather.


Outside the House:

  • Remove any tree limbs hanging over the roof.
  • Check the weather stripping around all doors and windows.
  • Check exterior caulk and corners of siding to prevent any extra “critters” from finding a warm space inside your home.
  • Clean out the gutters and clear the downspouts.
  • Seal any cracks on your driveway or patio.
  • Remove debris from any basement windows. Check emergency exist ladders if you have them.
  • Clean the window exteriors, or hire a window cleaning company.
  • Consider spraying to clear ants and spiders from your home exterior.


Inside the House:

  • Check the batteries on all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Vacuum, deep clean, or shampoo carpets.
  • Clean out the interiors of your appliances.
  • Store summer sheets, comforters, etc., and move warmer blankets into the bedroom(s) as needed.
  • Rotate the direction of ceiling fans to push warmer air down.
  • Change your air filter(s).
  • Donate unused summer clothing and shoes to a local charity.
  • Wash windows and window sills.
  • De-clutter and dust furniture and shelves.
  • Create a specific space for coats, muddy shoes, and snow gear.
  • If you have one, check the fireplace vents and have the chimney cleaned.


In the Garage:

  • Winterize and store your lawnmower and other summer garden tools.
  • Stowaway summer “outside” toys and gear.
  • If you live where it snows, get your winter tools serviced and make sure they are easily accessible. The first snow could be here before you know it!


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