Customer Letter of Appreciation!

The customer comments keep pouring in.  This one was from a client whose parent had recently passed and they needed Beltmann to help move the belongings to four different parts of the country.  We were more than happy to do it!


Hi Pete,

I just want to thank you and your team for the excellent service you all provided helping my family during a difficult time. My dad died March 22nd and we were given thirty days to vacate his apartment at the Classic in Scottsdale. We got the family together, divided up the belongings and contacted you to arrange shipment to four different locations around the country.  

In all my years, I have never experienced such outstanding service as I received from you and your associates. You, Shelby, Carlos and everyone involved were exceptionally friendly, efficient, professional and helpful in every step of the process.

You can be very proud of the team you have pulled together.

Best regards,

    – Bob