Changing Climates

Are you you moving from Palm Beach, FL to Minneapolis, MN? Anyone making major changes in climate or time zone will likely have considerable lifestyle adjustments to make. Doing your research on the front end will help ensure a smoother transition and more comfort in easing into your new lifestyle.


New Clothes and Equipment

Making a major climate move means shifts in lifestyle that we often don’t consider. Researching your new climate will help you foresee any clothing you might need to purchase or perhaps a snowblower you never imagined while lounging at the poolside. Too often, people move from south to north without buying a winter jacket, or without considering that they can’t drive their convertible with the top down all the time. Don’t be caught unprepared. Consider what clothes or gear you’ll need for your new climate, and factor them into the moving budget.


Inclement Weather

 Knowing the climate of your new habitat will also help you to be prepared for inclement weather. For instance, a move to Minnesota means you’ll have to figure out what to do on snow days, while moving to Florida will mean preparing for hurricane season. All climates have inclement weather at times. Knowing your new territory will help you prepare and be ready for it.


Humidity, Furniture, & Musical Instruments

Knowing the humidity difference can also help with your preparation in relocating to your new home. Humidity levels can affect your furniture, books and other valuables. Most don’t realize that humidity levels (or lack thereof) can also greatly affect acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos, and violins. The good news is that humidity within a house can be easily controlled by buying a humidifier or dehumidifier. It helps to get the skinny on the humidity conditions before making the move, to factor in these household purchases into the cost of relocating.

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