Best NYC Neighborhoods for Dog Owners

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A plethora of parks, nice doggie boutiques, and restaurants that will allow your four-legged best friend to join you for dinner…all things that dog owners are longing for! As you relocate to New York City you might be concerned that your canine friend is getting enough outdoor time living in an urban setting. Before you call your New York City movers you might want to check out these neighborhoods that will suit your and your pooch’s needs.


Upper West Side

This is an ideal location to live in if you’re a dog owner, since the Upper West Side is in between two of the largest green spaces in the city. You have Central Park on one side and the Riverpark on the other, making a nice long stroll or run through a park an easy distance from your front door. These parks also have “off-leash” time in the very early morning hours if your dog needs some time to roam. Because of the great location and green space, this neighborhood has many pet stores and specialty shops that cater to your pet’s needs.


Park Slope

This Brooklyn neighborhood has much to offer you and your dog in terms of parks with the feel of brownstones lining streets as you walk to the many pet supply stores and boutiques. The park in this neighborhood, Prospect Park, has many fenced in dog runs, “off-leash” hours, and the city’s only dog beach. The dog beach is a nice place to take your water loving dogs in the summer time to cool off and have some fun!


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