Best Milwaukee Neighborhoods: Bay View

If you’re calling a Milwaukee mover, you’re probably pretty serious about moving to Milwaukee. So, now it’s time to decide which neighborhood is the right fit for your family. With so many neighborhoods to choose from, the decision can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why Beltmann has decided to start a neighborhood review series that will review the highlights, pros and cons of each neighborhood, so you can make the best decision for your upcoming move.


First, we’re going to take through Bay View, arguably one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Milwaukee, this lakeside community has a lot to offer its residents.


Location: Bay View’s boundaries include Lake Michigan to the east, Morgan and Oklahoma to the south, I-94 to the west and Jones Island to the north.



  • Lake front properties
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • South Shore Park
  • Average home price $129,415
  • Majority of residents are homeowners
  • Tidy streets and lots
  • A variety of home styles: small cottages to Victorian homes and bungalows
  • Numerous shops, restaurants and entertainment
  • Entrepreneurial Mecca with new stores opening downtown
  • Trendy



  • House options in all budgets (from lakefront properties to cottages)
  • Close proximity to entertainment
  • Creative and vibrant culture
  • Laid back feel, not stuffy
  • Easy access to I-94



  • Congestion
  • Disparity in neighborhood home values


If you’re not sure if Bay View is the right neighborhood for you, check out our next blog post on Bayside, a more affluent primarily residential neighborhood.


*Photo attributed to TimFemal via the creative commons license.