Benefits of City Living

Living in the city can be a great experience, especially for those who have spent most of their life in the small towns and suburbs of America. While relocating to New York City can be overwhelming, these bits of advice might help your transition.


No Car = Money Saved

 While the cost of living is higher in cities, public transportation is readily available. Utilizing public transit can save on you paying for a monthly car payment, gas, and insurance. And erasing car pollution is enough to help the earth-conscious folks sleep at night. Despite it’s bad reputation, New York City avoids a surprising amount of harmful greenhouse gases with it’s public transportation options. Between the bus system and the subways, you can easily navigate all five boroughs of New York without the hassle of of car ownership.


The Benefits of Proximity

Have you ever lived in a city your entire life and not seen the most popular attractions? In NYC and other large cities, attractions are so close together you have no excuse but to check them out. For instance, New Yorkers can enjoy the sights of Central Park, Times Square, and the Museum of Natural History all in a single outing.


Embrace Diversity

Perhaps more than any other city in the world, New York boasts amazing diversity in terms of culture, ethnicity, cuisine, and entertainment. Because of it’s history as an “immigrant city,” New York has always been known for being an international melting pot, different from most large American cities. Over one third of New York residents come from foreign countries, making it one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.

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