Beltmann Participates in Toys for God’s Kids Fundraiser

A group from Beltmann participated in Toys for God’s Kids golf tournament this fall. They had beautiful weather to support this inspiring organization.

Beltmann Relocation Group

Toys for God’s Children is a Christian charitable organization based out of Englewood, Colorado with a mission to provide sturdy, attractive, handmade wooden cars and trucks to children around the world. The organization is made up of all volunteers including their governing board, the toymakers and distributors.

They are in existence because there are many needy children around the world that have never had a toy that can help them develop socially and creatively. The goal is to pass along a smile to a child in need through this small gift. Volunteers are called “Smile Makers” and include a troop of artisans from across the world who create from home and ship to the company for distribution.

Beltmann was honored to be able to support this deserving organization this year. To learn more about the organization or how you could get involved, you can visit: