7 Things to do the Day You Decide to Move

Young Couple At Home

Once you’ve made the decision to move, you may be tempted to put off the next steps. Whether you’re moving in a year or in a month though, it can really help to start getting the balls in motion as soon as possible. And don’t worry! They’re not all drudgery tasks! Even if you just do one of these things, consider yourself successful.

1. Congratulate Yourself

Starting with something positive can really set your attitude for the time ahead. Treat yourself to something nice, and remind yourself of all of the amazing opportunities that can come with change.

2. Map Out a Soft Plan

It doesn’t even have to be written down! If you just have a very general idea of how you want the move to go (e.g., I’ll have a garage sale by the end of next month, etc.), then the decisions you make later on will reflect that. Doing things erratically during a move will just make you and everyone around you crazy.

3. Start Looking at Your Stuff

Even getting an idea of how much stuff you have can make your head a little clearer when it comes time to actually deal with it all. It does not mean the second you decide to move you need to start tossing things out, but starting your momentum now can help keep it going later on.

4. Remember Your Accounts

We often forget how many accounts we have: anywhere that has our mailing address on file is affected by this decision. And sensitive information generally can’t be forwarded with a simple change-of-address form. Making a list early gives you time to fill in the gaps when you inevitably forget something. 

5. Tell People Early

The more time your friends and family have to get used to the idea of your moving, the better. Even moves across town can catch people off guard since they have a specific routine with you by this point. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable by the time you actually do move. 

6. Buy Yourself a Notebook

You don’t actually have to put anything in it yet, but designate is as your Moving Notebook. You can do this on the computer of course, but having something tangible in your hands can help you feel more in control. 

7. Look Into Moving Companies

Finding Chicago movers who can help you pack and transport your stuff can immediately make you feel more relaxed about the big job that’s in front of you. Beltmann’s staff have devoted themselves to making your life easier however they can.