3 Websites to Help You Get Quickly Settled into Milwaukee

Your Milwaukee mover will get you moved in, but they can’t get you settled. That will take time and some effort. There are three websites that can speed up the process. See below:



This is the website for the City of Milwaukee. Here you will find information about voting, licenses and permits, parking and property questions, request services, educational opportunities, where to stay cool, and upcoming events. Be sure to look into The Me² program, Milwaukee Energy Efficiency, which helps homeowner’s complete home upgrades that can decrease energy costs. Me² offers several financial benefits, including $1,000-$2,000 rebates, affordable financing and $1,000 grants for eligible health and safety issues, including electrical upgrades and asbestos removal.



You are no longer a visitor, but this visitor’s site has tons of information about the city. You’ll find the obvious info about attractions and hotels, but you can also dig in and find places to eat, where the nightlife is, where the performing arts can be found, where to shop, and what sports are in town. There is even a coupon page you’ll want to check out. A very helpful site!



JSOnline is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s online presence. Connect with what is happening around town through this site. Catch up on the business, lifestyle, and daily news. Catch the weather, read editorials and opinions, and read up on classifieds for jobs or a home.


Once you are rid of you Milwaukee mover, and boxes are mostly unpacked, check out these websites to find out more about your new city, and head out on the town.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @compujeramey via the creative common license)