3 Ways to Recycle Unwanted Items in Kansas City


Once you arrive in your new home of Kansas City, after your Kansas City mover is gone, you might want to know where to recycle things. This is a green city with lots of choices. Here is al list of the top three:

“KC Recycles” is the city’s curbside recycling program. Residents can use the provided blue bin to set out their household waste and recyclables weekly or as needed. The bin will signal the truck to stop at your house. You’ll be eligible for the program if you live in a single family home, or an apartment complex of six or fewer units. In a recent year, KC Recycles collected about 19,000 tons of material that would have otherwise gone into the landfill! On their website, you can find your trash and recycling day.



This is the most convenient site for finding a place to recycle odd items that cannot go in curbside recycling. Just type in what you want to recycle and the search engine will find a list of places you can go. Type in “tires” and you will get local Firestone retailers and Wal-Mart. Type in “boxes” and ten matches come up with contact information.



Surplus Exchange is a non-profit that is helping the community by collecting electronics and furniture that can in turn help a non-profit, new business, or low-income student. They are a Microsoft registered refurbisher, so you can be assured they won’t resell your software or data. They have been in business for 25 years, and are less expensive than for-profit recyclers.


Once you have found the right way to recycle your unwanted items, you’ll be able to get rid of things in an environmentally healthy way.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @VictoryofthePeople via the creative common license)