Tips to Sell a House Yourself

Why pay a realtor 6% commission when you can sell your own home? Buying a house is expensive with closing costs and down payments. The proceeds from your sale can offset these costs. But if you hire a realtor to market your house, this cuts into your proceeds.

Are you thinking about selling the house yourself? Here are three tips for success.

  • Price appropriately. Know the market before you select a sale price. An online search of the neighborhood can provide information on houses currently for sale, as well as recent sale prices. This can help you decide the most appropriate price for the property.
  • Clean up the house. Make your home show-ready. Remove clutter and bulky furniture. Consider staging the house to create a comfortable atmosphere and give the illusion of a larger space.
  • Offer incentives. How badly do you want to sell? Be ready to offer incentives, such as paid closing costs, new appliances and other upgrades, if requested by a buyer.

Selling is the challenging part. But once you have a contract in hand, you can move on with your life. To help you get through the moving process, contact your local Kansas City mover. These professionals are efficient, affordable and reliable.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @dsleeter_2000 via the Creative Commons license.)