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Our international movers proudly serve The Greater Minneapolis area. Whether you moving to Minneapolis from another country or visa versa, you can rely on our team of professionals. For a free moving quote – fill out our online form today!

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Beltmann Moving and Storage has been well-known as an international mover for almost a century. This is because we are good at handling household moves, business relocations, and moves that involve people and their families. Contact us if you need professional foreign movers to move into or out of St. Paul, Minnesota, whether it’s locally, between states, or to a different continent. We know how hard it can be to move internationally or abroad because it can be a lot harder than moving locally or between states. But Beltmann’s skilled movers will help you through the whole process.

Beltmann Understands
Beltmann is your international moving company in St. Paul, and we are aware of all the choices you will need to make in connection with your move. All international movers will provide you with a moving quote based on density and size, so occasionally you have to decide if your possessions are priceless enough to justify the expense of their move. The lighter, bulkier items, including rattan furniture and sizable plastic outdoor children’s toys, can get expensive. When moving temporarily, consider selling, donating, or putting those items in storage to reduce your cubic volume. Beltmann will also provide assistance with choices for packing, unpacking, crating, and even relocating particularly large objects. Additionally, our team can offer advice on short- or long-term local or international storage options.

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Special Challenges Internationally
Our skilled international movers understand customs regulations. We protect you from international oversights that could delay, fine, or seize your shipment. We recommend leaving behind firearms, alcohol, plants, and seeds, which are prohibited for foreign travel. We’ll keep up with new customs rules and assist you process forms and other papers.

Beltmann Delivers on Time
Beltmann will put your home or business items at the top of the list, whether you are moving everything or just a few things. No matter what, your things will come on time because we work hard to make your move overseas smooth and easy. Beltmann’s tracking gives you more peace of mind while you wait for your things to arrive. As the best foreign movers in St. Paul, we can help you with everything from A to Z, no matter how far you are moving.

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