At Beltmann Moving and Storage of Roseville, MN, We Can Help You Keep Moving Costs Down

At Beltmann we know just how expensive moving to another country can be, and we are here to help control moving costs.

Moving across the country can be costly enough, but when you are moving out of the country, it’s not hard for your moving costs to spiral out of control. At Beltmann we have over 50 years’ experience in helping our clients enjoy a stress-free, affordable international move. We can help with every aspect of your move, including these tips to help with your move.

Consider What You Are Taking

One of the most important things you can do to help keep your moving costs under control is to pay very close attention to what you plan to pack in your household goods. You should also pay attention to how you pack things. Boxes are great (just be sure they are fully packed), bulky odd shaped items can add significantly to your bill. You may find it cheaper to replace some items that it is to ship them.

Dealing with Customs

Any time you are moving into another country, you, your family, and your household will all be subject to a customs inspection. At Beltmann we can provide you with a list of a comprehensive list of customs regulations applying to the country you are planning to move to. Among the many moving costs, you can avoid, are fines and other penalties you could face if you try to ship “contraband” into another country. Along with what’s packed with your household goods, you also need to pay close attention to everything in your luggage and carry-on baggage as these will be inspected as well.

Beltmann Moving and Storage has been helping customers with international moves for over half a century. We know how to help you keep your moving costs under control and are here to provide you with the finest possible moving services. We can help you move to virtually any country in the world (with the exception of a few).  For more information or to arrange for your international move, call us at (651) 760-0816. Call us today and let’s get started on your move today!