A List of Frequently Asked Questions About What You Need to Do Before Moving Day from Among the Top Moving Companies in Minneapolis

Moving your family and everything you own can be stressful. To help make your move go smoothly, the experts here at Beltmann, among top moving companies in Minneapolis, have created a list of FAQs along with the answers

What Do I Need to Do Before Moving Day and Before Beltmann, Among Top Moving Companies in Minneapolis, Arrives

  • Take a walk through your home room by room and declutter by giving things you don’t use to family, friends, charity or throwing them away.
  • Fold your clothes or put them on hangers.
  • Unplug and unhook appliances and electronics marking wires for ease of reassembly at the other end.
  • Read the Moving Guide given to you by your moving company carefully.
  • Take everything off the walls, such as paintings, photos, mirrors, curtains, and blinds.

The U.S. D.O.T. has created a list of things you are not allowed to ship and that moving companies will not carry, it includes:

  • Any kind of acid, glues, spray cans, propane/scuba/welding tanks
  • Anti-freeze, bullets, batteries (of any kind), charcoal briquettes
  • Any form of alcohol, cleaners (bleach, ammonia, etc.), disinfectants
  • Petroleum products like gas, kerosene, lighter fluids, matches, lighters
  • Lawn and garden chemicals, fire extinguishers, open boxes of fireworks
  • Cans of paint, shellac, varnish, solvents

If your household goods are going to be placed in storage, confirm this with the movers and make sure you keep the things you are taking with you in a safe place to avoid them being placed in the moving van. Keep in mind the more items you put in storage, the more it will cost.

Is There Anything I Should Have for My Family on Moving Day?

  • A good kitchen knife, a can opener, at least one saucepan, a toaster, easy to make foods, seasonings.
  • Simple snacks like protein and breakfast bars, tea, coffee, coffee filters, powdered creamer.
  • Enough plates, bowls, cups, and silverware for everyone in your family.
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, dish towels, cleaners, dish soap.
  • Flashlight, first aid kit, candles with matches, garbage bags.
  • Sharp scissors and a box knife.

What Should I Not Do Before Moving Day? – Advice from Among Top Moving Companies in Minneapolis

There are several things you should plan to do on moving day, including:

If you are shipping valuables, don’t forget to ask your movers for a high-value inventory form and fill it out. If you have items valued at $1,000 or more, have it appraised.

Once the forms are filled out, don’t forget to give copies to the driver. This will make filing a claim for damages or losses easier.

If you are shipping a safe, don’t forget to empty it and leave it unlocked.

What Things Will Not be Covered By the North American Protection Policy?

  • Any type of valuable collection such as coins, sports cards
  • Any backup discs, external hard drives, software licenses
  • Important documents, including passports, deeds, appraisals, legal documents, manuscripts
  • Money, jewelry, precious stones
  • Bonds, stocks, negotiable instrument (bearer bonds)
  • All medications

Do You Have Tips to Help Keep My Costs Down?

Here are a few tips to help keep your moving costs within your budget:

  1. Do a walk-through of your home and sell, donate, get rid of unused or broken items.
  2. Empty all planters and use the bigger ones for packing smaller items.
  3. If you have a lot of CDs/DVDs, burn them into a file on your computer or external hard drive, then you can sell them to a local music store.
  4. If your new home doesn’t have room for some of your furniture or larger items, sell or donate them rather than paying shipping costs.
  5. If you had workbenches, tables, chairs, or stools in your garage or shop, sell them as they are typically heavy and will add to your shipping costs.
  6. If you have large items like pool tables, pianos, or extra-heavy pieces of furniture, you might see if the person who is buying your home is interested in buying them. Doing so could increase your final selling price.
  7. Never pay to ship items like lumber, firewood, miscellaneous chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, dispose of them properly. Most chemicals cannot be shipped, and the rest just add to your shipping costs.
  8. If you have paid out deposits on a rental home or utilities, make sure you get them before you leave, it’s much easier to do so in person.
  9. If you have paid in advance for memberships to fitness/health clubs, country clubs, and the like, see if you can get a partial refund.
  10. If you have paid your homeowner’s insurance in advance you may be eligible for a refund or perhaps you can transfer it to your new house.

Can I Deduct Any Part Of My Moving Expenses?

To determine if any part of your moving expenses are tax deductible, you will need to consult with a tax accountant. However, there are a few common deductions including:

  • Costs incurred for shipping your car
  • Costs incurred for accommodations between leaving your old home and moving into your new home.
  • Costs incurred for shipping any pets to your new home.
  • Costs incurred for packing, shipping, unpacking your household goods.

However, you may only take these deductions if your move meets certain criteria, including:

  • If you are moving to a new job that is at least 50 miles away from your old home and it will closer to your new home.
  • If you are moving out of the country for your job or because you are in the military.
  • If you are self-employed, but you must work no less than 78 weeks in the first two years of which 39 weeks will be in the first year.
  • If you will be employed for a minimum of 39 weeks in the first year after your move.

Are There Things I Should Do One or Two Days Before Moving Day?

  • This is the time to clean and dry out any appliances, moisture can freeze and damage mechanical parts or seals.
  • This is the time to clean and dry all your dishes to keep them from becoming home to a variety of bacteria and molds.
  • Take time to unhook and unplug any electronics, electrical items, and appliances. Be sure you label the cords; this will make it easier for you to put things back together.
  • Use discs or an external hard drive to back up any important files on your computer and put the discs or drive in a padded box for added safety.
  • If you are shipping printers, remove toner or ink cartridges to avoid ink spills. Moving companies are not responsible for this kind of damage.
  • It’s a lot easier to back up your DVDs and CDs onto your computer than pay to ship them. You can always sell them to a local music store.
  • Fold or hang clothes and put them in your closet, not only are the movers not responsible for doing this, but it will make unpacking a lot easier.

Are There Any Special Reservations or Arrangements I Should Make? Consider this carefully, Advice from Among Top Moving Companies in Minneapolis

What arrangements you need to make will depend on what type of housing you live in. If you are living in an apartment complex you may need to:

  • Reserve the main elevator or freight elevator for the movers.
  • Verify if the movers will need a parking permit or not.
  • Ensure the parking lot will have room for a 75-foot long moving truck.
  • You should also make hotel/motel reservations if you are driving to your new home.

Are There Any Last-Minute Things I Need to Do Before the Movers Arrive?

  • Start by taking everything off the walls, including window treatments, photos, mirrors, and paintings. Doing it yourself will reduce the chances of any damage occurring.
  • Remove blankets and sheets from all mattresses.
  • Arrange for final disposition of the things that won’t be going with you.
  • Remove any liquids, breakables, and loose items from drawers.
  • Empty the fridge and freezer, defrost, and dry them out.
  • Any boxes you pack should be left open for the movers to inspect for items they cannot carry.
  • Clean outdoor items like your grill and garbage cans.

Lastly, pack your suitcases with everything you plan to take on your trip and store them somewhere separate from the things being packed and shipped and give us a call, Beltmann Moving and Storage is among the best moving companies in Minneapolis, MN and we want to assist your next move.