Interstate Moving Companies in Roseville, MN

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The Best Interstate Movers in St. Paul, MN, and the Surrounding Areas

We provide a variety of long-distance moving and storage alternatives as a representative for North American Van Lines. Our aim is to take all necessary steps to ensure that your interstate transfer goes as smoothly as possible. As one of the top interstate moving companies in the country, we send teams of expert packers and movers whose goal is to guarantee our clients’ total satisfaction from beginning to end.

Not Sure You Should Hire the Professional Interstate Movers?

If you’re unsure if you should look into a moving company for your impending interstate move because you believe a DIY move will save you money, reconsider your decision. Or maybe you found a moving company that gave you a great deal. You can be getting less (or more), depending on the situation.

With a DIY move, you are in charge of gathering all packing supplies, packing yourself, renting the truck (day rate + mileage and petrol), and handling the loading, driving, and unloading. Even if you have the strength to do the task, do you have the necessary tools to keep you from hurting yourself? You are more likely to spend more money than you would have by hiring Beltmann on the rental vehicle, hospital expenses, and lost wages.

Low-cost Interstate Moving Companies

Then there are those low-cost moving companies that offer budget prices for your move. Most lack the equipment and professionals needed to get the job done. More importantly, just because their original quote looks good, by the time your goods are delivered and they add on all the hidden fees, you may end up further out of pocket than you would if you hired a top-quality moving company such as Beltmann. We offer written quotes you can count on along with a wide range of extra services guaranteed to make your next move go smoothly.

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