Interstate Moving Companies in Roseville, MN

Get help with your next move from one of the leading interstate moving companies in Roseville and St. Paul

As an agent for North American Van Lines, we offer a wide range of moving and storage options for long-distance moves. Our goal is to do everything we can to make your interstate move go as smoothly as possible. As one of the leading interstate moving companies in the nation, we provide teams of highly skilled professional packers and movers whose mission is to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction from start to finish.

Not Sure You Should Hire the Pros?

If you are not sure you should be looking at a moving company for your upcoming move, because you think you can save money with a DIY move, think again. Or perhaps you’ve found a moving company that offered you a bargain price. In either case, you may be getting less (or more) than you bargained for.

With a DIY move, you are responsible for finding all packing materials, doing the packing, renting the truck (rent per day plus mileage and gas), and taking care of the loading/driving/unloading. Even if you are strong enough to handle the work, do you have the right equipment to prevent you from injuring yourself? Instead of saving money, you are more likely to end up spending more on both the rental truck, medical bills and lost work than you would by hiring Beltmann.

Low-cost Interstate Moving Companies

Then there are those low-cost moving companies that offer budget prices for your move. Most lack the equipment and professionals needed to get the job done. More importantly, just because their original quote looks good, by the time your goods are delivered and they add on all the hidden fees, you may end up further out of pocket than you would if you hired a top-quality moving company such as Beltmann. We offer written quotes you can count on along with a wide range of extra services guaranteed to make your next move go smoothly.

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