How to Throw an Adorable Fall-Themed House Warming Party

If you’ve just moved into your new place, a house warming party may be something on the calendar. If you’ve just moved – the fall is the perfect time to host a party. With so many cozy entertaining options – we will show you some of our favorites from around Pinterest. Take a look at this list and be inspired to make this a party your guests will never forget.

Makeshift Outdoor Seating + Ambiance

If your outdoor area isn’t completely guest-ready – have no fear…a few bails of hay, blankets and a portable fire pit can transform any backyard into an autumn oasis. We love how guests can circle up past dark in this inviting seating area. You could also set-up a gourmet s’mores bar for a late night treat.


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Set a Casual Tone

We love this idea — a lumber jack party where guests wear plaid will set the tone that guests shouldn’t dress up. You will relax knowing that you’re house doesn’t have to be perfect – because that’s next to impossible when you’ve first moved. By dressing-down, you can make décor minimal and more fun – versus trying to bring out the fine china.


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Make Décor Simple

Here’s a very simple idea that can translate inside or outside. Grab some tin cups, fabric and string to make up these cute tea light holders. You don’t have to over complicate your décor. Be easy on yourself and buy some mini white and orange pumpkins to compliment something like this.


Do a Food Bar

A chili, potato or soup bar – will keep the food portion of your party easy and manageable. You can have friends bring toppings, snacks or desserts. The food bars also look cute and can be portable to host outside or inside – depending on where you want people to hang out.


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Lastly, stay low maintenance – don’t worry about everything being perfect. I was recently invited to a house warming party where it was BYOC (bring-your-own-chair) and it totally worked! People are a lot more forgiving than you may think – everyone is just excited to celebrate your new home with you.

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