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When it comes to moving your office or commercial enterprise, it takes the right office moving companies to get the job done right. At Beltmann Moving and Storage, we understand the importance of keeping your office running during the move. From teams that can handle the heavy work, to IT specialists who can help with moving your network we have you covered.

Moving your IT Gear to Your New Home

Moving your office is not an easy task. You have computers, your servers, routers, modems, and all the rest of your IT gear all have to be moved. But, at the same time, you need to keep your business running throughout the move. At Beltmann we have IT specialists who can help with everything from disassembling your IT equipment in its current location, transporting it to the new one, and getting it all set back up and running. We can also help with contacting local vendors, utility companies as well as internet and cable providers to ensure everything you need is ready the day you move into your new offices.

Protecting Your Sensitive Information

Many office moving companies simply don’t have the ability to provide your sensitive data and equipment with the appropriate level of security. Our teams have undergone a comprehensive background check to ensure your complete peace of mind. We have the experience and knowledge needed to protect everything until you move into your new facility.

We’ll Handle Your Office Furniture & Equipment With Care – Trust Our Minneapolis Office Movers

Protecting Sensitive Equipment During Your Industrial Move

Along with protecting your sensitive data, we can help protect confidential files, equipment, book collections, even valuable furniture during the move. We work hard to ensure the integrity of everything you ship from the moment we take possession of it until we deliver it to your new location.

Moving Your Industrial Office and Equipment

Many office moving companies lack the ability to handle industrial moves. At Beltmann Moving and Storage we have been helping commercial industries move for almost 100 years. We have the experience to make sure your move goes smoothly from start to finish, including moving your office equipment and manufacturing equipment.

Providing Warehousing and Asset Management Services

We also offer a full range of secure storage for your documents, equipment, and excess inventory. Our facilities are protected by the latest in high-tech security equipment, offer barcode asset management and inventory control using web-based services that let you access your information from your office or anywhere you have internet access.

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