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Moving out of the country can be a challenging experience. Our Beltmann movers in Roseville, offer these international moving tips to help make your next move less stressful.

1. Reach Out to the Consulates Office

When the time comes for you to move to another country, there are numerous documents and visas you must have completed before you move. The best way to make sure everything is in order, be sure you reach out to the country’s consulate, they can help make sure you have everything in order. Our Beltmann Movers can help you with contact information for the embassy in the country you are moving to.

2. Reach Out to Your Bank

While you might be tempted to close out your U.S. based bank accounts, you should probably leave one open while you get settled in. It can be very hard complicated trying to open a bank account in a foreign country, and you need access to a bank where you can draw cash if you need it. Your bank can also help with exchange rates and any fund transfers needed. You should also know you will still be paying U.S. income taxes along with those for the country you are moving to.

3. Keep Your Valuables Safe

When traveling overseas, you need to make sure you keep your important documents and valuables safe. Make photocopies of your things like your passport, visa, and so forth. This way if any of them get lost, you have copies you can use until you can get them replaced. You could face fines, imprisonment, or deportation should you be caught without documentation.

4. Make Reservations in Advance

From hotel rooms to airline tickets, Beltmann movers recommend that you make all necessary reservations in advance to avoid any possibility of not being able to get the flight you need or having anywhere for your family to stay when you first arrive. If you wait until the last minute, you moving costs are likely to increase significantly.

5. Taking Your Pet with You

If you plan to take Rover with you, you need to pay a visit to your vet, make sure he is up to date on his shots, and that he is healthy enough for the trip. You should also be aware that many countries require your dog (or other pet) to be in quarantine for what could be several weeks at your expense. You may find it better to rehome your pet with another member of your family or a trusted friend.

Our Beltmann Movers,  know how to keep your international moving costs under control and can help provide you with a wealth of moving tips to help make your move stress-free. Contact us at (651) 760-0816 and let us get started today!