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Among Best Moving Companies in the Greater Roseville and St. Paul/Minneapolis Area to Help you Handle an International Move

Whether you are active duty military being reassigned to duty overseas or you are a government employee being assigned to United Nations duty, you need one of the best moving companies to help ensure your move goes smoothly. At the Beltmann Moving and Storage, we have been helping people move around the world for decades.

No Matter Where We Are There

To the best moving companies, there can be no limits to providing the best international moving services. At Beltmann Moving and Storage we can be there to assist in your next change of duty station no matter where in the country or for that matter in the world it originates from and where your final destination happens to be. With a few exceptions, we can pick up and deliver your household goods anywhere in the world.

Our services go from door-to-door, helping and your family with every aspect of your move. This includes everything from providing you with professional packing and unpacking services, storage at both ends of your move. It also includes our wealth of international moving experience and dealing with customs in the country you are moving to.

We Help Keep Your Costs Down

We all know how expensive moving overseas can be, but as one of the best moving companies in the country, we know how to work with moving services and suppliers around the world to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. We work to find ways to keep your costs under control such as providing you with information regarding what you can and cannot ship to the country you are moving to.

This information can help you pass through customs without any problems or risks of being fined. The carriers we use overseas have been carefully selected to ensure they measure up to our standards and will deliver your goods to your new home in a timely fashion.

If you are preparing to move overseas, only the best moving companies will do. Contact the Beltmann Moving and Storage of St. Paul (651) 760-0816 and talk to one of our international moving experts today!

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