At Beltmann Moving and Storage We Have the Moving Supplies You Need in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

Having the right moving supplies from Beltmann can make the difference in your next move

There are many steps to ensuring that when you pack your household goods, they will arrive at the other end of the move intact. But no matter how you look at it, the success of your next move depends on the quality of the moving supplies you use. Many who choose to do their own packing, simply head to the nearest grocery store for boxes and discount store for the rest of the packing materials, along with lots of newspaper. At Beltmann Moving and Storage, our expert packers say that relying on these types of materials to protect your valuable property is more likely to end up in disaster than success.

What is wrong with using moving supplies such as these? This depends on the value you place on your belongings. The problem with many of the boxes you can pick up at your local grocery store is that they were not designed to handle the load you are likely to place on them. Not only will these boxes have to withstand the weight of everything you have packed in them, but they also have to be able to handle the shifting weights as the truck rolls down the road.

When you use professional quality moving supplies and boxes, you have boxes that have been specifically designed to withstand the pressures caused by shifting weights or being overloaded. They tend to have a higher “crush” rating which means they can withstand the rated amount of weight when stacking before collapsing. The higher the rating, the stronger the box and the better your possessions will be protected.

No matter what type of moving supplies you require, we have what you need to protect your belongings. For more information or to arrange for a free walkthrough estimate, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of St. Paul at (651) 760-0816 and talk to our moving experts today!