Three Web Pages to Bookmark When Moving to Milwaukee

After you call your Milwaukee moving company, you might want to grab your laptop and bookmark these pages so that you’re ready to expedite your move into the Milwaukee area. From hooking up your utilities to knowing the lay of the land, we’ve got you covered with these three Web pages.


Mandel Groups New Residents Page: Unfortunately the city of Milwaukee doesn’t do a great job breaking down new resident information on their out-of-date website, that’s why we like the Mandel Group’s new residents page. It has a list quick links that will take you to:


  • Utility hook ups and transfers
  • Pet care
  • Repair recommendation information
  • Sites for restaurant recommendations
  • Shopping and cultural info
  • And more!

Visit the new residents page and bookmark it for future reference: Not sure where you want to live? We love this website for it’s quick and easy neighborhood data. Get the scoop on which neighborhoods are growing, the median household incomes and more:


Know The Transportation Systems: We love this site for its quick and easy links to all of your Milwaukee transportation options. From cabs, shuttles and pedi-cabs to buses and trains – this website has you covered: