Three Ways to Find a Dentist in Milwaukee

After moving day is over and you’ve said goodbye to your Milwaukee moving company, you’ll want to start researching doctors and dentists – just so you have a good number on hand in case there’s a family emergency. Finding a dentist or doctor can be intimidating in a new town, but with this helpful list – you’ll have someone picked out in no time flat.


Call Your Insurance Provider: Though this seems like an obvious step, it’s a necessary one for most of us, whose insurance requires us to use in-network doctors and dentists. Start with an in-network list and then start dwindling the names down based on the next two recommendations. That way you’ll rest assured knowing you won’t be paying a fortune at your next check-up.


Find Reviews: Sites like and Angie’s List are great resources to use once you have your insurance provider’s in-network list. Search for each dentist by name and check patient reviews and ratings. Each site makes its easy to figure out which providers are the most reputable by their unique rating system.


Get Social: Whether you’re an avid Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn user, be sure to reach out to your networks and ask for their opinions. Even though you might not directly know someone living in Milwaukee there’s a good chance, your friends know someone who does. Getting real-time recommendations can be very helpful especially when you know it’s coming from a trusted source.