Things To Consider When Moving To The Bay Area

People who decide to move to the Bay Area will find that the area gives them everything they could possibly want. The city of San Francisco however does give you a few challenges when moving depending on where you will be. It is important to remember that the city varies in altitude which means that you are likely to experience micro-climates. Checking the weather on the day of the move should be done not city-wide but actually by zip code as one end of the city can experience rain while the other one is just cloudy.


The city is known for its hills and while that adds to the charm of San Francisco it also means that you have to pay specific attention to safety matters when moving things into your new home. If you are on the hills then make sure that you secure everything before moving it and do not stop paying attention to furniture or other items you may have with wheels. Catching up to them as they roll down a hill is not a fun activity.

Shake It

The city of San Francisco and the entire bay area will experience a lot of small earthquakes each year. The state of California experiences over 10,000 per year, but they are rather small and are barely felt. If you feel one of those earthquakes there is no reason to panic. If you happen to experience a bigger one follow the earthquake guidelines from the city found at their website.


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