Packing Tips For A Smooth Move

Moving can be challenging and while most of the actual moving of your possessions is up to your moving company, you have an influence as well. If you pack your boxes in a smart way, the moving company will be able to move them onto the truck, to your destination and back off your truck quickly and effectively. Here are some tips to make your move to Kansas City or another city go more smoothly.

Fill The Boxes

Filling your boxes will not only save you money, but it will also make it much less likely that items will be damaged and make it easier for the movers to stack your items. That is because if a box isn’t completely filled it may compress if another box is put on top of it, damaging the items you have inside and in some cases causing a pile of boxes to tumble over. If you don’t have enough related items to fill a box (or you simply don’t want to put more in that particular box), use crumbled up newspaper. This will fill in any spaces and give you a sturdier box.


If you forget to label your moving boxes while packing, you will have a huge headache when it comes time to unpack. You won’t know where anything is or be able to prioritize which boxes to unpack first. Even worse, your movers won’t know where to put the boxes when you arrive at your new home, which means you will end up having to move them around your house yourself. It is especially important to label boxes that contain fragile items so the movers know to be extra careful with them.

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