How to Throw A Great Housewarming Party

Say goodbye to your Kansas City Mover and pop open a bottle of champagne! You’re finally in your new home! If you’re like most people, you might want to commemorate the day with a housewarming party. Even if you don’t have very many friends in the area yet, a party is always a great excuse to meet your neighbors. Here are our top tips for throwing a good party.


  1.      Timing: Give guests plenty of notice. Send an e-invitation from a site like and ask that people RSVP by a certain date. If you’re inviting your neighbors, you might want to print an invitation and leave it on their doorstep. Think about planning your party on a non-holiday weekend and offer shorter party hours, so people don’t feel obligated to stay the whole night, if it’s a Friday or Saturday.
  2.      Pre-plan your food/drinks: With the help of sites like Pinterest, you can let your imagination run wild thinking up unique ideas for food and drink themes. If you’ve just moved from another state, maybe share some of your state’s traditional food or venture out to create a tradition from your new city. Offer light food options and creative drink ideas.
  3.      Offer Tours: Everyone will love to check out your new place, so offer a few tours. Pointing out areas of interest – maybe pictures of your old house, family traditions or parts of the house that you really like.
  4.     Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Sometimes it’s hard not to want everything ‘perfect’ for your housewarming party. But, try to relax…everyone knows you just moved in and will offer a lot of grace when it comes to having everything settled. Just try to have the main areas put together with comfortable seating – bedrooms, offices, basements can wait until later – focus on the rooms where people will hang out.


With these tips, you’ll be on your way towards celebrating your new home in style.