How To Prepare Your Children For Moving

Moving can be stressful enough if you are on your own or just with your significant other but when you add kids to the mix, it can get a lot more challenging. That is because for a lot of kids, moving somewhere new can seem like the end of the world. Kids tend to live in the moment and will only consider that they will miss their friends instead of thinking about the new ones they will make. The good news is that you can do some things to help your kids prepare emotionally for the move.

They’re Not Alone

If your kids are feeling disheartened about the move and are looking at the negatives point out that they’re not alone. Each year millions of kids and families move to new cities and they adapt. If you moved when you were a child, tell them about that story and how much fun you had at your new home. Try to get them to look at the bigger picture and how the move will make your lives better.

Familiarize Them

A lot of times kids are afraid of moving because they don’t know what life will be like there. Therefore one of the best things to do is to help your children learn about your new city. If you are moving to Chicago, for example, tell them about all the fun activities at museums or local parks they can play in. If they know more about your new home, they will be ready to like it as soon as you move.