Creative Ways to Notify Friends That You’ve Moved

After your Kansas City moving company unpacks your things and you’ve settled into your new home – it’ll be time to notify your friends and family that you’ve moved. There are so many ways to let people know about this exciting change, so we thought we would highlight a few creative ideas that maybe you haven’t seen before.


1.     Create a Shutterfly Website: makes it very easy to create one-off websites that allow you to post information and pictures to share with family and friends. Think about journaling your moving day on a site like this and upload pictures of the moving process. Take pictures of your new house and write about the features that you love. Once you’ve created the website, you can either e-mail the link out to friends or include the link in an ‘We’ve Moved Card’ – either way it’s a personalized touch that everyone will enjoy!

2.     Create a Facebook Cover: Facebook is a great way to get the word out. Think about taking a picture of your family in front of your new home and then editing the words ‘We’ve Moved’ onto the picture. If you don’t want to give your address out to the world, then consider adding a message under the picture like, “if you would like our new address, please e-mail us.”

3.     Create a Custom Card: If you don’t have the skills to create a custom card – try It’s a website that can get you direct access to hundreds of graphic designers. You can choose from a number of templates and have the cards shipped directly to your door.