Best Weekend Road Trip Destinations Outside of Phoenix

Beltmann Group

Who needs a little rest and relaxation more than someone who just recently moved? After your Phoenix movers do the unpacking, you should make the reservations to book your weekend getaway to unwind from the commotion of moving. Here are some of the best relaxing destinations right outside of Phoenix.


Sedona, AZ

Sedona is your location of choice if you want a spectacular spa experience. With many world famous spas to choose from, the hardest decision will be choosing your treatments. The canyons and rocks are a great backdrop to your weekend of bliss.


The Grand Canyon

Only a four-hour drive from Phoenix, you can easily drive to and from the Grand Canyon in a weekend. It also has the best view you can find near the Phoenix area. If you’re an outdoors sort of person, you could backpack down the canyon and camp out for a weekend you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Lake Havasu

This is the largest lake you are going to find in a desert. Lake Havasu is a big treat if you love to relax by water and enjoy water sports on the weekends. Pretty much any water option is at your disposal, including seaplane rides to enjoy the landscape.


Las Vegas

At just a little shy of 300 miles, Las Vegas might be a little too far for your weekend getaway. But if you do decide to make the drive, you know you won’t be disappointed. You can find any type of activity that you could ever want to do in this city.


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