Moving Companies in Kansas City, KS - Beltmann Offers Secure Warehousing & Asset Management Services.

At Beltmann Moving and Storage, we believe one of the reasons we are rated as one of the top moving companies in Kansas City is our state-of-the-art logistics and asset management services.

Unlike many moving companies in Kansas City, at Beltmann Moving and Storage, we offer a wide array of asset management services, including the latest in software and hardware to help streamline your inventory storage and transportation. Our customizable tracking systems will provide you with detailed reports that let you know where your assets are at any time.

As one of the most respected moving companies in Kansas City, our asset management system includes the things needed to help you store, track, and monitor your assets. At the same time, our system helps improve your inventory management and asset management efficiency, while at the same time helping to reduce costs.  Among the services we offer are:

  • Web-enabled, barcoded product tracking
  • State-of-the-art security systems
  • Records management
  • Local and national distribution

We Are Here for You

Here at Beltmann Moving and Storage, we take control of your inventory from the minute it arrives at our loading dock. Each unit is tagged with a unique bar code and scanned into your inventory. It is then tracked each time it is moved until it is loaded for delivery and delivered using our final mile delivery service. With access to the web, you can check on the status of your inventory at any time of day or night.

As one of the largest moving companies in Kansas City, Beltmann is here to help you streamline your entire inventory and asset management program. In doing so, we can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs. To learn more about our logistics and asset management services, please contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Kansas City at (913) 703-7310 and let us custom build a better asset management system for you.