Moving FAQs - Beltmann Among top Moving Companies in Olathe, KS & Lenexa, KS

At Beltmann, among the best moving companies in Olathe, KS and surrounding areas we know how stressful moving can be, to help we have answers to the most common FAQs

Our expert movers from among the best moving companies in Olathe, KS give this advice:

  • Declutter your home using the reduce, recycle, refuse method.
  • Fold and hang clothes for ease of packing.
  • Disconnect all electronics and appliances, remove ink cartridges. (movers don’t cover damage caused by ink spills).
  • Read your Moving Guide to see what can’t be shipped by the carriers.

Here is the list of items the U.S. DOT does not allow commercial carriers like moving companies to transport:

  • Acids and adhesives of any kind
  • Aerosol Cans/ Propane Tanks/Scuba Tanks/ Welding Tanks
  • Ammunition
  • Anti-freeze
  • Batteries
  • Charcoal Briquettes
  • Alcohol/ Ammonia/ Bleach/Cleaners/Disinfectants/ Liquid Cleaners/ Petroleum Products
  • Petroleum Products
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gasoline/ Kerosene/ Lighter Fluid/ Lighters/Matches
  • Lawn Chemicals
  • Opened Fireworks
  • Shellac & Varnishes/Paints/ Polishes/ Solvents

Should you need to place your household goods in storage, be sure you notify the packers and movers what items you plan to hang on to and keep them in a separate place. If you find yourself needing extra storage space, it will cost more and may not be covered if your employers are footing the bill.

What Do I Need to Do Before Beltmann, Among the Top Moving Companies in Olathe, KS, Arrives?

You should remove everything from the walls of your home, including mirrors, paintings, photographs, and window treatments. You may be able to pay more for the movers to do this but doing it yourself may help you avoid damaging the walls.

What Should I Have on Hand for Moving Day?

  • All-purpose kitchen knife, can opener, a saucepan and easy to cook food, seasonings
  • Breakfast bars, protein bars, a toaster
  • Mug, plate, fork, knife, spoon for each member of the family,
  • Coffee, coffee filters and coffee maker
  • Cleaner (unopened)/ Dish soap, dish towels, and paper towels/Toilet paper
  • First aid kit/Flashlight/candles/matches/Garbage bags/ Nightlight
  • Scissors or box cutter

Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Do On Moving Day?

Don’t forget to ask for a “high-value” inventory sheet. If you have items of extreme value, get them appraised and make sure the driver has copies of everything. This will make it easier for the movers to pay more attention to how they are placed in the truck.

Don’t forget to hang on to your inventory so that you can check off every item as it is unloaded into your new home. This will also help the moving company search for any missing items.

Don’t forget to empty your safe (if you are shipping one) and leave it unlocked.

Is There Anything I Can’t Ship with My Household Goods Because the North American Protection Policy Doesn’t Cover Them?

  • Appraisals/Coin/Stamp/Card Collections
  • Computer Backup Disks/ Software Licenses
  • Currency/Money/ Jewelry/ Precious Stones
  • Deeds// Legal Documents/ Manuscripts/ Passports
  • Negotiable Instruments/ Receipts/ Stocks/Bonds/ Tax Records
  • Medications of any kind

Do You Have Tips to Help Reduce My Costs?

Moving can be expensive here are ten of the most popular ways to keep your costs under control?

  1. Go through every room in your house and declutter using the three Rs method (reduce, recycle, refuse). You can use consignment stores, auction sites, have a garage sale, and give leftovers to charity.
  2. If you have anything that isn’t going to fit in your new home such as furniture and appliances, get rid of them.
  3. Empty plants and soil from all planters, use the big ones to pack small items into.
  4. If you have an extensive collection of CDs, copy them into a computer file and sell them.
  5. Don’t pay to ship workshop items like tables, benches, chairs, and stools.
  6. Heavy items or antiques such as furniture, pianos, pool tables should not be shipped, you may be able to include them in the sale of your home (adding to the sale price) or the new owner might purchase them.
  7. Don’t pay to ship things like lumber, firewood, fuel, pesticides, fertilizers, pool chemical or any type of paint. Some of these items are prohibited and all of cost more to ship than they might be worth.
  8. If you have deposits such as rent or utilities, be sure you retrieve them before you move.
  9. Check your home insurance policy to see if the unused amount can be transferred to your new home or refunded.
  10. Check to see if you can get refunds of any membership dues like fitness or country clubs.

Can I Deduct Any of My Expenses On My Taxes?

The only way to find out whether or not you can deduct any of your moving expenses come tax time is to talk to a tax accountant. However, these are among the most common deductions:

  • Cost to ship your vehicle
  • Cost of temporary accommodations during your move
  • Expenses involved in moving your pets
  • Expenses incurred for packing, transporting, and unpacking.

However, what you can and cannot deduct depends on the reason for your move. In order to qualify, you must be moving to:

  • A new place of employment or for the company you work for.
  • A new military posting or a new country.
  • For self-employment, if you will work for 78 weeks during the following two years, 39 of which must be during the first 12 months.
  • A new workplace that is at least 50 miles further from your new home than the one you are moving out of.

What Do I Need to Do Before the Movers at Among the Best Moving Companies in Olathe, KS Arrive?

  • Clean and wipe out any moisture from all appliances you’re moving. Moisture can freeze and cause serious damage.
  • All dishes need to be clean to avoid mold or bacteria growth.
  • Disconnect all appliances and electronics, remove CDs and DVDs to avoid the risk of warpage due to heat.
  • Back up all important files to an external hard drive, a cloud storage server, or discs and place the drive or discs in a padded storage box for added protection.
  • Remove all ink and toner cartridges from printers to eliminate the risk of spillage, any damage caused by spills is not covered under most damage insurance policies.
  • Fold or hang clothes to make them easier to pack and unpack. Most packers will not do this.

Do I Need to Make any Reservations or Special Arrangements?

If you need hotel rooms along the way, you should make reservations in advance to avoid the risk of them being filled. For those who live in an apartment building, check with the landlord, supervisor, or building owner to see if they have any special requirements, including:

  • Reserving the main elevator or seeing if you can use the freight elevator.
  • Obtaining a parking permit if needed.
  • Ensuring the building parking lot can handle trucks up to 75 feet long.

Are There Any Special Pre-Packing Instructions?

Most packers and movers have a list of things that need to be done before they arrive. This list might include things like:

  • Taking down all window treatments, pictures, mirrors, and paintings from the walls. Doing it yourself will help reduce the risk of damage.
  • Taking the bedding off all mattresses.
  • Decluttering and get rid of the things you are not planning to ship.
  • Clearing all drawers of loose items, liquids, and any fragile items.
  • Not taping any boxes you have packed; the movers need to inspect them for anything that cannot be shipped.
  • If you are shipping a refrigerator or freezer, empty them out and clean them.
  • Cleaning items like grills and trash cans if you are planning to ship them and disconnect any garden hoses.
  • Packing the things you plan to take with you in suitcases or boxes and place them in a separate area, then let the movers know they are not to be put on the truck.

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