International Packing Tips for Moving - Beltmann Moving and Storage in Lenexa, KS

Customs and Immigration and international moves – Packing tips for moving internationally from our Lenexa movers

Whenever you travel internationally, you’ll encounter Customs and Immigration. Their job is to monitor what and who comes in and out of the country, and they enforce regulations on individuals and what they can move across the border. If you and your family are making an international move, you’ll encounter customs as you exit your origin country and enter your destination country. The international moving experts at Beltmann Moving and Storage have compiled packing tips for moving internationally that can help you navigate customs more easily.

First, get a partner you can trust. Our packing tips for moving any distance include marking all boxes clearly with the room they belong in as well as the contents; using adequate packing materials; and filling any void spaces in any boxes with additional packing materials so that the contents don’t shift around during transit. When you move long distances, it’s even more important to be sure that your fragile, antique, electronic, and other delicate items are packed with care.

Beltmann representatives stay up-to-date on all regulations regarding restrictions, weights, and measurements both federally and internationally. We’ll work with you as we pack and move to make sure that customs will go smoothly, and keep you updated with any changes in process or regulations as your move takes place. Beltmann also offers comprehensive packing, moving, and storage services at cost-effective prices that are available on your schedule.

Second, there are packing tips for moving internationally that you can use to make your customs experience easier. As you get ready for your international move, remember:

  • Regulations and requirements vary from country to country. Travelers are often confused by restrictions on weight, measurements, etc. Work with your Beltmann agent to determine which regulations will apply to what you want to bring on the plane with you, and what regulations can impact your possessions as they are shipped to your destination.
  • International customs officials do not work for the airport or airlines, but rather the government of your destination country. They see thousands of people each day and spend only seconds deciding whether or not each passenger is entering the country illegally or trying to import illegal possessions. The more closely you can follow any rules and regulations, the more likely you are to be sped through the review process without any hiccups.
  • Manage your records closely. You should have all important travel, identity, and destination paperwork on you, and you should also have photocopies of all identity documents for yourself and any household members you are traveling with.
  • Fill out applicable forms prior to arriving in customs. Beltmann can assist you with this process, as well. You may know in advance what you’ll need to declare, and we can advise on the declarations process for you and any other member of your household.
  • If you are unsure about any item you are traveling with, you should declare it. It’s better to have the customs agent decide they don’t care about something you did declare instead of deciding that they need to investigate each item in your luggage because you forgot to declare something. Bear in mind that any item that fails a customs inspection will be seized, and you may receive a fine.

Our best packing tips for moving internationally is to be mindful of any item that can be used as a weapon, can be eaten, or can be grown. Fruit, flowers, seeds, liquor, and weaponry are commonly owned items that you won’t be able to take through customs on an international flight. Work with your Beltmann representative to make a plan for any of these items to be sure that these possessions can meet you in your new home.

International moving can be a complicated process. Let Beltmann Moving and Storage offers guidance for the best international moving experience.