International Moves - Tips and Tricks to Get Ahead in Lenexa, Kansas City and Olathe, KS

Moves Overseas from Kansas Can Seem Stressful, Follow Our Tips to Make it Easier

Moving internationally can feel like hurdle after hurdle: from finding housing to arranging travel and completing government paperwork, the challenges can make packing and moving feel like the last tasks you’d like to do. Having an expert on your side can make the difference between navigating those challenges alone, or feeling like you have a personal consultant who can make sure your questions get answered. For international and overseas moves, Beltmann Moving and Storage is your local expert with international expertise.

One of the best ways to ease the stress of international moving is to give yourself as much time as possible to plan for your move. If you can give yourself several weeks to navigate the logistics and arrangements of your international move, and you partner with a Beltmann international moves representative, you can be sure that you’ll achieve your goal.

Several Weeks Before Your Move:

Notify the foreign consulate of the country you are moving to. There are specific governmental forms you’ll need to fill out based on the country (and sometimes also city or state) that you’re moving to, and the consulate representative can provide you with the paperwork and any additional steps you’ll need to complete.

Make a financial plan. You should know exactly what you’ll be doing with your checking account and daily access to money, and what institutions will service any loans, credit lines, or investment accounts you may have. Bear in mind that it can take weeks to transfer accounts between financial institutions, and you may experience holds and other delays.

Plan for your pet’s travel. Depending on where you’re moving and how you’ll be moving your pet, you may need to have proof of ownership, proof of breed, proof of vaccinations, and other paperwork. There may also be a quarantine period or other delays in the country you’re moving to, and the consulate can point you at the regulations and resources that will impact this process for you and your pet.

Complete your moving plan with Beltmann. Our specialized international moves representatives will help you make sure that you have every service you need, both here and abroad, as you complete your move. They can also advise on customs and immigration, and strategies to help you make sure that your household goods are moved safely through customs.

Several Days Before Your Move:

Pack it up. Beltmann’s packers have strategies for international moves, including labeling and organizational tips, to make sure that each box can be unloaded right where it’s supposed to go in your new home. If you choose to pack yourself, make sure that you’re using plenty of packing materials. Use extra caution when packing fragile or delicate items, and fill any void spaces in the boxes with additional packing materials.

Make copies of all your documents. When you travel, you should have both originals and copies of every important document for your move, including travel documents and identity documents for every member of your household.

On Your Moving Day:

Execute your plan! You’ve worked with Beltmann to create your custom moving plan, and your move day will see it all completed.

If you’re looking for assistance with your long distance or international move, Beltmann Moving and Storage is the local expert with the experience to help with international moves of all sizes and distances. Get started today when you request your free customized quote.