Moving Company Quotes in Lenexa, KS

Getting Effective Moving Company Quotes Serving Kansas City, KS & Lenexa, KS, for Your Next International Move

If your next move is long distance or international, it can feel like there is no cost-effective assistance available to help you make your move. The farther you need to go, the more help you need—and the harder it can be to find solutions that meet your needs and your budget. With Beltmann Moving and Storage, you can get international moving expertise along with a cost-effective moving plan that’s built just for you.

In general, when you request moving company quotes, the cost of your move will be estimated based on two things: how much you need to move, and how far you need to move it. Getting moving company quotes for an international move adds an additional layer of logistical help, as you’ll likely need to involve international shipping or carrier services, as well as receiving and unloading services in your new country of residence.

To get more useful moving company quotes, you’ll need to understand in advance what your needs are. Not only will you need to outline the amount of items you’ll need to move (generally, this is estimated by the size of your home or the number of boxes and pieces of furniture you expect to move), but you’ll also need to be aware of any services you’d like to add on. Beltmann offers comprehensive packing services, so you can be sure that each item will arrive safe and secure no matter how far it has to travel. If you have antiques, art, musical instruments, or other fragile items, those should be included in your quote as well.

Understanding exactly how much you’ll need to move, and what kinds of additional services will make the move easier for you and your family, will help you request exactly what you need when you get your moving company quotes. Beltmann has specialized representatives who can help you negotiate with international carriers, shippers, and movers to be sure that you’re getting the best price at each step of your move. We can also offer logistical assistance and advice about how to navigate customs and immigration as you complete your move.

To learn more about the international moving services Beltmann Moving and Storage can offer you for your next move, contact our representatives today.