Moving Checklist for any Atlanta, GA Area Move

If you’re moving in the greater Atlanta area, it can seem a little overwhelming, Beltmann Moving and Storage provides an easy-to-follow moving checklist

If you’re about to make a move in the Atlanta area, you might be staring at a long written list of to-dos and feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t get frustrated just yet.

There a lot of ways this process can be streamlined, and Beltmann Movers are happy to share the tips they’ve learned from experience in the moving industry. Here, they’ve created a quick, seamless Moving Checklist for Atlanta Movers.

1. Research Your Preferences

Before you start the moving process, research the best plans. Decide if you’d like to hire a mover in the Atlanta area to help you through your moving checklist. If you do, decide whether they’ll mainly be moving things or whether they’ll be packing along with you. It’s also a good time to determine how long the move will take and if you need hotels during the process.

2. Sort Belongings

Go through your belongings and find what you want to keep, what you need, which items you’re willing to donate, and which ones you’ll most likely be able to sell. You can donate to thrift stores like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, and you can sell belongings on Ebay or Craigslist.

3. Get Packing Supplies

Not that you know what items you’ll be taking with you, it’s time to buy boxes, bags, zip ties, tape, and so on. Make sure you’ve made a list of everything you’ll need in the packing process, but know that accounting for every needed item is going to be a hit-or-miss try beforehand.

4. Double-Check Your Dates

Go through all the necessaries of the move, like schedules, insurance, utilities, and moving company dates booked. You also might want to take a look at hotels to stay in wherever you’ll be passing through. See if your moving company has a specified moving checklist you need to follow to help them help you, as well.

5. Pack Away

Start with the large items and move down until you’re organizing or throwing away trinkets and smaller belongings. It’s a good idea to wrap up any fragile belongings early-on in either bubble wrap or packing tissue/peanuts. When you unpack, begin with your valuable fragile items so that tired hands don’t accidentally knock over any of your fragile items later on.

6. Move

It’s time! Your moving company, like Beltmann Movers, will help you through the process of packing items in the moving vehicles and doing the heavy lifting. You can take it easy and keep track of the belongings you’ll be keeping with you as you travel to your new home.

7. Loose Ends

Once you’re in your new place, wrap up any loose ends including finishing everything with the moving company, cleaning your new place, getting settled in, posting pictures to let friends and family know how the move went, and checking off everything on your moving checklist.

If you’re moving in the Atlanta area or you’re planning a move here in the future, there are many ways Beltmann Moving and Storage can help make the process seamless and convenient. Give us a call today.