The Packers and Movers at Beltmann in Stone Mountain, GA Offer These Tips for International Moves with Your Pet

If a move out of the country is in your future and you are considering taking your Pet with you, our packers and movers offer these helpful tips.

If you and your family are planning an international move in the near future and are planning to take the family pet with you, doing so can make your move even more challenging than it already is. For most us, the family pet is another member of the family, much like the kids. Leaving Fido behind is the last thing you want to do. However, getting through the mountain of red tape in order to bring Fido with may be very challenging, but it’s not impossible. To help smooth out the process, the packers and movers at the Beltmann Moving and Storage offer these tips:

1. Check Local Laws

Not all countries allow the same breeds in. For example, New Zealand does not allow pit bulls in the country and euthanizes them and any other breeds on their “menacing” list. Other countries have long quarantine periods. Know before you go and if necessary find Fido a new home.

2. Call the Airlines

For each airline, your pet will be flying on, be sure to call them and ask about their rules. Then make sure your pet and their enclosure, paperwork, etc. all meet the necessary requirements. Our packers and movers say this will eliminate any chances of there being a holdup.

3. Know the Layout of the Land

Lastly, you need to make sure your new home (if it’s a rental) allows pets and what extra fees must be paid. You need to know if your pet will need to be quarantined for an extended period of time and how much it will cost. You also need to know there is somewhere nearby for pet foods, a vet, and any other forms of care your pet might need.

If you have an international move coming up in your future, be sure to contact the Beltmann Moving and Storage of Atlanta at (770) 854-1551. Our packers and movers are ready to help pack your home and ship it to your new home and can provide you with a wealth of information on your new home and shipping your pet there. Why wait, call us today and let’s get started!