Stone Mountain, GA Moving Costs

At Beltmann Moving and Storage, we put our 50 years plus in the moving industry to work keeping your international moving costs under control in the Stone Mountain area

Moving across the country can be expensive enough, but when you are moving out of the country, the costs can easily become overwhelming and quickly go beyond the amount your budget can handle. To help keep your moving costs under control the experts at the Beltmann Moving and Storage of Atlanta offer the following tips:

Pack Right, Pack Tight, Save Money

One of the biggest expenses of moving out of the country, will be the cost of shipping your household goods. The more you ship, the more it is likely to cost. At Beltmann we can help you reduce your moving costs by showing you how to pack your boxes. You should be using boxes that are cubic (square/rectangular) take up less space in the shipping containers. Oddly shaped items take up more room. Since international rates are based on the density of the shipment, you can cut your costs by not shipping large oddly shaped items and making sure you pack all boxes carefully and as full as you can. It may be cheaper to leave some items behind and replace them at the other end.

Dealing with Customs

One thing you will have to deal with no matter where you are moving in the world, you and everything you are carrying with you and shipping to your new home will be subject to customs inspection. To help ensure you are not shipping anything or carrying items with you that are not permitted in your new country, we can provide you with a comprehensive list that is up to date. Not only will this save you a lot of hassle, but it could save you a lot of money that you might otherwise have to spend paying fines, lawyer’s fees, and risking deportation. This is a simple but effective way to reduce your moving costs.

Here at the Beltmann Moving and Storage, we have been finding ways to keep our customers’ moving costs under control for more than 50 year. Our only goal, to provide you with the finest moving services anywhere in the world (with a few limitations) at a price that meets your budget. For more tips or to have one of our highly experienced representatives come to your home for an estimate, please call us at (770) 854-1551 and let’s get started on your next adventure together!