Relocation Movers in Farmington, MN

Our Relocation Moves Offer These Tips for a Farmington Area Move

Minnesota is a lovely state, known for its many lakes, dairy products, and famous Twin Cities Minneapolis and St. Paul. For those in the Farmington area, there are plenty of things to keep a new resident busy and excited. Located in the greater metropolitan area of the Twin Cities, Farmington is one of the areas served by our professional relocation movers services at Beltmann movers. Along with offering excellent moving services from storage to transportation, we can help you find some fun things to do after moving. Read on to hear about some of our favorite haunts in the area.

Lake Julia Park

Minnesota is called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” for a reason. Lake Julia Park is a popular suburban park located in Farmington right on the shores of beautiful Lake Julia. At 17 acres, the park features a number of family-friendly amenities, including a playground, seating pavilion, and grills. There are also several sports courts and hiking trails for the nature-inclined. Come by in the summer for the annual Movies in the Park program.

NIKE Missile Site

Constructed in 1959, the NIKE Missile site located near Farmington is one of 4 bases built in Minnesota during the Cold War to prevent Soviet aircraft attack. The NIKE site is located in a mostly rural area with a dozen or so homes scattered nearby and has its own water treatment plant located about 250 meters away from the main building. Although the facility is privately owned and closed, you can still venture out and take pictures of the exterior and see the communications facility about 1 mile northeast of the main site. A perfect trip for history buffs who want to learn more about the Cold War.

Sheldon Theater

Relocation movers like Beltmann understand the need for good recreation. After settling into your new place, try to catch a show at the historic Sheldon Theater. Built in 1904, the Sheldon still puts on live performances to this day and is a frequent stop for traveling Broadway shows. They also periodically screen black-and-white movies on the main stage.

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