2016 Cost of Living in Chicago

beltman5If you’re thinking about moving to Chicago, you might be interested in learning more about the cost of living. According to, the below list will give you a snapshot of how much you’ll need to live in Chicago. You may want to use this information if you’re looking to negotiate a salary or budget the cost to move.

First of all – Chicago is the 19th most expensive city in the world and 7th in North America and the U.S. So, cost of living consideration is extremely important as you think about moving to Chicago.

Food Costs:

$13                             Lunch in the business district

$4.85                         One lb of boneless chicken

$.89                            One liter of whole fat milk

$3.61                          One dozen eggs

Housing Costs:

$2,104                       Monthly rent for a 900 square foot furnished apartment (expensive area)

$1,498                       Monthly rent for a 900 square foot furnished apartment (normal area)

$201                           Utilities for one month for 2 people

$52                             Internet 8MB (1 month)


$.76                            1 Liter (1/4 gallon) of gas

$100                           Monthly public transportation ticket

$55                             Taxi on a business day, basic tariff (5 miles)


$45                             Basic dinner for two in a neighborhood pub

$25                             Two tickets to the movies

$243                           Two tickets to the theatre

$12                             One cocktail at a downtown club

$6                               One beer at a neighborhood pub

$81                             One month gym membership

For more details or information about the cost of living for Chicago, visit: for updated information and additional categories.