Maintaining Your International Moving Budget in Los Angeles, CA - Control Moving Costs with These Tips

Keeping moving costs low is important for international moves with Beltmann Moving and Storage

At Beltmann Moving and Storage, we know that long-distance moving can be a big challenge for our clients, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with every resource to make it easier for you and your family. International moves can be particularly difficult, as moving between countries requires additional documentation, costs, and logistics. Keeping your moving costs inside your projected budget might feel impossible—but when you work with Beltmann, you’ll have an expert on your side who can help you reduce costs and avoid new expenses.

When you move with Beltmann Moving and Storage you’ll work with an international moving expert who can help you plan each step of your transition. We’ll help you control moving costs at each step, too.

Control costs by packing smart. In general, you can get better prices on the costs of moving your household items if everything is packed in cubic boxes or crates of regular density (basically, stackable boxes and crates, in good shape, that have an evenly distributed amount of weight inside). If you use our packing services, we’ll optimize how each box or crate is packed, and also make sure that your furniture and larger items can be secured during transit.

Control costs by finding the right international partners. Beltmann will help you find the right overseas carriers, suppliers, and movers to get your household items safely to your new home. We’ll also help you negotiate prices, so you can be sure you’re keeping your moving costs low at each step of your move.

Control moving costs by preparing for customs. Unexpected fines can occur during your customs and immigration inspections, both when your luggage is inspected during travel and when your household items are being shipped. Beltmann Moving and Storage can help you make sure that you’re not packing or moving anything illegal, fineable, or strictly regulated, and we’ll work with you to strategize around how to move items that are commonly regulated or controlled (like alcohol and spirits, weaponry, seeds and horticultural tools, and more).

Lastly, control costs by working with Beltmann. We provide comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and logistical services. We can offer you a package quote for all the services you need, based on your budget and your timeline.

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