Household Moving And Storage in Los Angeles Made Simple

At Beltmann Moving and Storage in Anaheim, we understand that household moving poses a number of challenges. Fortunately, our experienced counselors can assist you every step of the way. We will help you plot out all of the details of your transition, and we go out of our way to take the hassle and stress out of relocating state-to-state or overseas. Let us offer the expert guidance you need to get you to the places you are going.

Professional Household Moving Services in Anaheim, LA, & Nearby Areas

It is our goal to educate you on the entire process, allowing you to avoid unwelcome setbacks or complications. There are so many variables and concerns when conducting a move, but you do not have to work through them on your own. We are here from the start to the finish.

In the beginning, you will need to come up with an estimate for the amount of property you are moving. For every room in your home, assume you will need to transport 1,000 lbs. of goods. This figure may be adjusted for movers who feel confident in the size and weight of their belongings. For a four-room home, that means 4,000 lbs. of property.

Once you enter the packing phase of your move, it is time to consider how to prepare your property. The size and scope of your plan will ultimately play a key role when you decide on what is best for you. However, it is important to be realistic. For every 1,000 lbs. of property, expect to use 10 large, sturdy boxes.

Most people who are moving a great distance or traveling with a significant volume of cargo opt for professional assistance. That is where we come in. We offer full and partial packing plans – and we offer the unique solutions you need. If you would like to learn more about our packing services, please contact a sales representative.

In addition to packing, you will need to consider the cost of crating, transportation, pickup and delivery, and even appliance maintenance and service. Your coordinator can help you determine what services you will need and how much they should cost so you can keep a close eye on your budget.

Household Moving – Controlling Costs

It’s no secret that transporting your property hundreds or thousands of miles on land or water can cost you a good deal of money. However, taking a pragmatic approach can ultimately save you thousands of dollars. How you pack, what you pack, and the methods of delivery can all significantly impact the total cost. We can help you determine the optimal way to conduct your move by offering insight on which items you should pack and which you should leave behind. Bulky, oddly shaped items can be quite expensive to ship. Unless they are irreplaceable, it is a good idea to leave them off the truck.

Moving trucks often have restricted access to residential areas, and you should consider this and plan in advance. Low branches, tight turns, steep hills, bridges, and city restrictions can all prevent a truck from pulling up to your property. In these instances, you will need to rent a straight truck that will ferry items from your home to the truck.

Protecting Your Belongings

While our movers have the experience, tools, and training needed to safely transport your property, the moving process can prove to be too stressful for certain items. As a result, we offer the following protection plans:

Maximum Value Protection (MVP) – This is our premium option, and customers should select this option when they want full protection on any items damaged or lost during transport. After the deductible, you will be reimbursed in full for any losses.

Basic Liability Protection – This free coverage applies to repairs and replacement of items for a maximum of $0.60 per pound per article.

Packing Services For Your LA Move

By offering partial and full packing services, we are able to better accommodate the unique needs of our customers. Our partial plans are quite affordable when you need to cut costs, and our full service option means you won’t have to do any of the work. When consulting with your move coordinator, you can choose from the following options:

  • Self-Pack: This is the cheapest option, and allows you all the flexibility and control you need over the packing process. However, we do suggest you follow our advice to ensure any and all items are packed correctly. A poor packing job is often the culprit when property is damaged.
  • Fragile Only Packing: Our expert packers will package your fragile items for you to ensure they are well protected.
  • Full Service Packing: Our premium packing option will have you supervising and offering instruction to our movers as they quickly and efficiently pack every item large and small.

If you choose to tackle the packing phase on your own, we can provide you with durable and affordable materials. No matter the size, weight, or construction of an item, we can ensure that you pack it correctly. We offer the following materials:

  • Dishpack barrels: Perfect for dishware, china, and collectibles
  • Mattress boxes: Suitable for mattresses of every dimension
  • Boxes: Ranging in size from 1.5 to 6 cubic feet
  • Mirror boxes: Glass, mirror, and prized artwork should be packaged with these boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes

Household Movers – Loading and Delivery

We use the following services to protect your property and simplify your move from load in to delivery:

  • Carpet Covers: Devices used to keep floors clean during heavy traffic
  • Residence Protection Pads: Prevent damages to doors, corners, and railings
  • Stretch-wrap: Protects furniture from grime and wear and tear
  • Assembly: Our movers can reassemble furniture, outdoor equipment, etc.
  • Disassembly: We can also help you package these items for transport
  • Systematic Loading and Unloading: By keeping a careful inventory, we are able to quickly move your items onto the truck and unload them in a highly organized manner. We will put each box and item in its proper location once we arrive at your new home.
  • Unpacking and Debris Removal: Our movers can begin assembling larger items, unpacking big boxes, and disposing of all unwanted packing materials before setting off.

Household Moving Services – Storage

At Beltmann Moving and Storage, we understand customers may also need storage solutions, as well as household moving services. Ask your coordinator about our temporary storage facilities should you need a safe, secure place for your belongings. Call today for more information.