Long Distance Moving Companies of Los Angeles, CA Answer Some Common FAQs

As one of the top long distance moving companies, Beltmann Moving and Storage of Anaheim and Los Angeles, CA has the answers to your FAQs

When it comes to moving your family and household across the country, there are so many questions that need to be answered. As one of the nation’s top long distance moving companies, the experts here at Beltmann have some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

The Short Version

  • Go through your home and declutter.
  • Fold and hang your clothes.
  • Unhook, disconnect, and unplug everything.
  • Read the Moving Guide all long distance moving companies must provide.

What Am I Not Allowed to Pack?

The U.S. Department of Transportation has a list of things that long distance moving companies are not allowed to carry. This list includes:

  • Cans of paint, shellac, varnish, solvents
  • Any form of alcohol, cleaners (bleach, ammonia, etc.), disinfectants
  • Petroleum products like gas, kerosene, lighter fluids, matches, lighters
  • Any kind of acid, glues, spray cans, propane/scuba/welding tanks
  • Anti-freeze, bullets, batteries (of any kind), charcoal briquettes
  • Lawn and garden chemicals, fire extinguishers, open boxes of fireworks

If you plan to place any of your belongings in storage, you should advise the movers to ensure they aren’t packed in the middle of everything going to your home. You should also ask them if there is anything else you should not put in storage.

Are There Things I Shouldn’t Do Before Moving Day?

There are of course any number of things long distance moving companies say you shouldn’t do, but here are three very important things you should not forget to do. These are:

  • Be sure you fill out a “High-Value Item” form that lists anything you are moving worth more than $1,000.
  • Be sure you have anything of extreme value appraised and that the movers get a copy of the appraisal.
  • If you plan to ship your personal safe, unlock it, leave it unlocked, and empty it.

What Should I Have Available for My Family On Moving Day?

Long distance moving companies recommend you have the following set aside for your family on the day the movers arrive to load your household goods.

  • Simple snacks like protein and breakfast bars, tea, coffee, coffee filters, powdered creamer.
  • Enough plates, bowls, cups, and silverware for everyone in your family.
  • A good kitchen knife, a can opener, at least one saucepan, a toaster, easy to make foods, seasonings.
  • Sharp scissors and a box knife.
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, dish towels, cleaners, dish soap.
  • Flashlight, first aid kit, candles with matches, garbage bags.

What Can I Do To Keep My Costs Under Control?

  • Long distance moving companies go through every room in your house and get rid of anything you don’t use, is broken, or not worth paying to move. You can have a garage or yard sale, give to family, friends, and charities.
  • Use large empty planters as places to pack smaller items.
  • Take your CD/DVD collection and copy them onto your computer, sell the originals to a music store.
  • If the furniture in your old home doesn’t fit in your new one, don’t waste money shipping them, sell them instead.
  • If you have large heavy shop items like workbenches, sell them, they will cost too much to ship.
  • If you have large pieces of furniture like a pool table or piano, try selling them with the house or to the new owner separately.
  • Get rid of heavy things like firewood, lumber, spare tires, and anything that is listed on the Do Not Ship list put out by the DOT.
  • Make sure you retrieve any deposits you have on file with your utility companies.
  • If you have paid club or gym dues in advance, see if you can get part of them back.
  • If you have paid your homeowner’s insurance in advance, ask your agent if it is transferable to your new home or if you can get the unused balance refunded.

What Part if Any of My Moving Costs Are Tax Deductible?

There may be several things you can deduct, but most long distance moving companies say you should always ask this question to a certified tax accountant. But there are a few common deductions many people can take.

  • The cost of having a car transported to your new home.
  • The cost of shipping a family pet to your new home.
  • The costs of any hotel rooms and meals along the way to your new home.
  • The costs incurred when hiring long distance moving companies to move your belongings.

In order to take these tax deductions, you must have:

  • Moved to a new job that is at least 50 miles from your old home and is closer to your new home.
  • Moved out of this country because you are in the military or because of a job.
  • Must work at least 39 weeks at your new job in the first 12 months.
  • Must, if you are self-employed, work at least 39 weeks in year one and 78 weeks by the end of year two.

What Items Does the North American Protection Policy Not Cover?

  • All Medications
  • Money, jewelry, precious stones
  • Bonds, stocks, negotiable instrument (bearer bonds)
  • Important documents, including passports, deeds, appraisals, legal documents, manuscripts
  • Any type of valuable collection such as coins, sports cards
  • Any backup discs, external hard drives, software licenses

What Should I Do One or Two Days Before My Choice of Long Distance Moving Companies Arrive?

  • Clean all appliances and make sure they are dry, any water can freeze, damaging seals and mechanical parts.
  • Clean and dry your dishes to ensure mold and bacteria do not grow on them.
  • Make sure all appliances and electronics are disconnected, unhooked, and unplugged.
  • Back up your computer files on an external hard drive, discs, or in the cloud.
  • Remove printer toner and ink cartridges to avoid spills (the North American Protection Policy doesn’t cover this type of damage).
  • Fold and hang clothes as the packers hired by long distance moving companies won’t do this.
  • Back up your music and movie collection onto your computer and sell the originals to your local music store.

What Special Arrangements Should Apartment Dwellers Make?

Be sure you check with your landlord or building manager to see if you need to:

  • Provide your choice of long distance moving companies with a parking permit, if needed.
  • Reserve either the freight or standard elevator.
  • Ensure there is room for a 75-foot long truck in the parking lot or on the street.

What Are Some Last-Minute Things I Need to Do?

  • Clear everything off the walls, including mirrors, paintings, family photos, and window treatments.
  • Strip your beds.
  • Dispose of the things you aren’t taking with you.
  • Empty dresser drawers of liquids, breakables, and loose items.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer, then make sure they are defrosted and dry.
  • Clean your grill and garbage cans and disconnect any garden hoses.
  • Most long distance moving companies want you to leave any boxes you have packed open so they can be checked for things they cannot transport.
  • Finally, pack your suitcases and anything else you plan to take with you put them in a separate place where they won’t be put in the moving truck by mistake.