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Moving can often feel like a confusing challenge, with many items on your to-do list at both your former home and your new one. Beltmann Moving and Storage is committed to making your next move easier on you and your family, and that’s why we’re the movers Los Angeles families choose for residential relocations. We offer the tools and expertise needed so that your next move will be stress-free and also cost-effective.

One of the resources we use to help organize your move, and also make sure we offer you the best price, is our packing estimator. The estimator helps determine how many boxes or other packing supplies will be needed for your home, and how many boxes we expect to pack per room in your home. This information helps make your quote more accurate, and also gives you a chance to accumulate boxes and packing supplies in the way that’s best for your budget and your family. Whether you choose to have Beltmann’s packers and movers Los Angeles families trust complete your packing, or choose a DIY approach, this information can help prepare you for your move.

To use the packing estimator, you’ll work with one of our friendly consultants to answer a few questions about your home. We’ll ask how many rooms are in your home, how long you’ve lived in your home, how many members are in your household, and a few other questions to help us understand your situation. It’s also helpful to know how many pieces of furniture are in each room, as this can help inform your quote too.

At Beltmann Moving and Storage, we strive to provide you with every resource and bit of information that can help make your move simpler and easier, and that’s why we’re the movers Los Angeles chooses for their residential moving needs. If you’re planning your next move, call Beltmann Moving and Storage today to learn more about our relocation services.