Let the Best Long Distance Movers Help you Simplify International Moving and the Customs Process in Los Angeles, CA

International moving and getting through customs – Advice from the best long distance movers in Anaheim and Los Angeles, CA

Beltmann Moving and Storage Worldwide has extensive experience serving individuals and families making overseas moves. Whether you’re a practiced traveler or a novice, navigating customs and immigration enforcement can take time, energy, patience, and knowledge.

Get the experts on your side with the best long distance movers at Beltmann Moving and Storage. Our international relocation experts can help you strategize how to pack your household and your luggage to make sure all of your possessions arrive safely at your destination.

Some quick tips from our international moving teams include:

  1. When in doubt, declare it. It is always better to declare something the customs agent doesn’t care about, than to have them decide that they need to closely inspect each of your bags or boxes because you didn’t declare something.
  2. Keep essentials close at hand. Your carry-on bag should hold originals and photocopies of travel and identity documents for each member of your household. You should also carry any medication and personal supplies that you need every day.
  3. Do your paperwork in advance. You’ll likely be responsible for multiple forms throughout your transit, and most of these can be filled out in advance. You can get advice from your Beltmann relocation expert if you’re not sure about any of the customs paperwork.
  4. Don’t try to take food, beverages, or alcohol through customs. Lots of travelers get held up in customs because they forgot they had a snack with them, or picked something up in their origin airport that they didn’t declare. These little items can create a big hassle when you’re trying to move your household and family.

Throughout your planning process, you’ll find that the best advice to make your move stress-free is to offload labor and energy to Beltmann, the best long distance movers. We can take over your packing process, making sure each item in your home is secured and packed properly for its journey. We can also help mark each box or crate appropriately; this step is crucial to making sure every item reaches your destination.

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