Corporate Relocation Services in Anaheim, CA

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One of our main specialties is corporate relocation services. As a result, we recognize the benefits that our program offers to your company, shareholders, present staff, and prospective personnel. Consequently, we have developed all-inclusive cost-saving solutions to satisfy your company’s requirements. Our program is designed to help us achieve our mission of giving national account home product consumers exceptional service. We may also offer a first-rate business executive relocation service.

Why Choose Beltmann For Your Corporate Relocation?

Client Care
Our National Customer Care Center (NCCC) has been designed to give every move the dedicated attention it requires. We manage moves per our clients’ policies while providing information your companies and their transferees may need, as well. Think of our NCCC as an extension of your relocation department. Furthermore, our move management process, called ProMove™, will provide all the resources you need for a successful relocation!  

Reliable Transportation & Communication
Beltmann Transportation Systems (BTS) is one of the largest hauling fleets, employing over 250 drivers with our pack and load team. Because we use our own personnel, we bring control, budget savings, and flexibility to your corporate relocation process. Our centralized planning and dispatch groups work to develop solutions to meet customer needs. As a result, regardless of the location, our staff handles all moves.

Excellence in Monitoring and Reporting
Detailed reporting is key to quality service in corporate relocation. By closely monitoring operations and compiling reports, Beltmann delivers reliability for our customers. Our quality measurement system rates packers, haulers, and customer service. Our staff can provide monitoring reports, always keeping you informed.

Proprietary Shipment Tracking
WorldTrac® is North American Van Lines’ exclusive satellite tracking and communication link that helps coordinate van operators, agents, and corporate employees, enabling real-time communication, regardless of location.

Key Advantages:

  • Shipment tracking within 1,000 feet for you and your employees
  • Maximum utilization of our driver capacity
  • Real-time satellite communication between the driver, Beltmann and North American Van Lines
  • Satellite tracking 24 hours a day  

Controlling Relocation Expenses
To help reduce costs, we offer the Total Cost SolutionSM program. This solution manages transportation-related expenses. It reduces transportation expenses by up to 10-12%. Quantified reports are provided to document your achievements and share with others in your organization.

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