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Giving Back Programs – Beltmann Moving Believes in Giving Back to Our Communities Through Organizations Like Habitat for Humanity, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and Move for Hunger

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At Beltmann Moving in Fort Lauderdale, we believe in helping the less fortunate in our community. We are proud to be an agent for North American Van Lines and to be one of the first moving companies most people in the nation turn to when the time comes to move their families. At the same time, we take pride in being able to provide the transportation needed by Habitat for Humanity to move donated items to their ReStore resale stores. Habitat has helped to build over 1,000 homes for the less fortunate since 2002.

The Go North Habitat for Humanity Store

Beltmann Moving in Ft. Lauderdale is also proud to be one of the first moving companies Go North for Habitat for Humanity turns to when they need transportation of donated items such as gently used appliances, furniture, household fixtures, and more to their Restore resale stores. Once these items are sold, the money raised from the sales is used to help build new Habitat for Humanity homes in the Ft. Lauderdale area and across the nation. Along with providing much-needed transportation, we always ask our customers for donations when packing their household goods. Those who choose to donate can:

  • Help with funding new Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Realize a deduction when tax time comes around
  • See a reduction in the cost of their move by lightening their load

Your simple donation starts with a conversation with your moving consultant:

  • Talk to your moving consultant about the items you wish to donate to the cause.
  • They will give you a Go North Habitat for Humanity inventory form to fill out.
  • Once you’ve completed the form give it to the driver of your moving truck.
  • His team will set these items aside so they can pack them separately for transportation to the nearest ReStore. You will receive a receipt for your donation within 90 days.


For more information on the Go North Habitat ReStore Donation Program, email us at

The Gary Sinise Foundation

On September 11th, 2001 terrorist struck at the heart of Big Apple demolishing the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Shortly after this terrible day, Gary Sinise a famous Hollywood actor started the Gary Sinise Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to provide a wide range of assistance and services for first responders, veterans, and their families.

The foundation also builds homes with specially designed houses with a variety of automated features intended to help seriously wounded veterans continue to live independently. The foundation’s R.I.S.E. or Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment program was created to help raise much-needed funds for the housing project and others. At Beltmann Moving, we are proud to provide free moving services to the veterans who are moving into these homes.

To learn more about the Gary Sinise Foundation and the great work that is achieved through the organization, visit

Move for Hunger

Every night in the United States over 17 million children go to bed hungry. Move for Hunger focuses on collecting donated non-perishable foods and delivering them to the local food pantries in Ft. Lauderdale and across the country. Beltmann Moving helps with this program in two different ways. First, we ask our customers to donate any non-perishable food items to Move for Hunger. Secondly, we transport the donations to the many food pantries in town and across the country.

Visit, for more information!